After searching the web for almost four hours on my Friday night, I came across a ton of “websites that suck”. I can’t even believe the amount of websites made for art, graphic design, web, and tattoo firms, that are just terrible. Not so much an organizing thing, but a design thing. Awful. Any way I narrowed it down to three that I found the worse. The first is a website for an architecture firm. This website is cleverly design from a visual aspect, and also has a nice attempt at some flash to load the home page, but it is so disorganized that I didn’t really know what the website was about right away. It’s not laid out very well either. The sounds in the background are quite annoying, and it took me a while to figure out where the homepage was because it is spelled “hometta”. I feel this website has great bones, with a great idea, but it just isn’t working. If I was someone wanting to have a building designed, and wanted to do some research, I would move on to the next designer on the list. It needs to be geared towards a clientelle that may not be design savy.

The next website I found was a T-shirt company based out of England. Terrible. There is no design what so ever. Totally boring. The organization isn’t too bad, but it tells you that you can pick from their own graphics to have printed but they don’t have graphics that you can pick from posted on the website. How are you suppose to pick then?  The fonts, and the bright RGB colors are so hard to read that they make my eyes hurt. And well it is just plain old boring. I would never order t-shirts from this company based on their plain jane website.

The last website I found is the website for the tattoo parlor, where I got my own tattoos done. I promise they are all talented artists, but whoever they hired to do their website is just terrible. Once again it has great bones. The headline on the home page isn’t terrible, but it’s trying to hard to be cool in a goth kind of way. That’s it though. Nothing else is designed well at all. Organizationally it’s pretty ok. I can navigate it easily. But they are a bunch of cool guys and talented artists and they should have something that reflects the work that they do.